Route Details of 2018 TransAnatolia

We heard that everybody wants to know the awesome route of 2018 Transanatolia. Here it is;

2018’s adventure will take start from İzmir, which is an ancient Roman city, actually the third biggest in Turkey. After an amazing seromonial start you will have an extra night to sleep. In the morning, we will be heading to Denizli. This is the place that we will set our first camp.
On the second day, our route will take us through the mountains followed by the lakes, to arrive to Isparta, located close by the famous Taurus Mountains. That’s why you should be prepared to experience a great deal of elevation changes on our way to Karaman.
A visit to Nevşehir, where you will see the one of a kind fairy chimneys and the vibrant hot air baloons, is a must on our route, like every year. You are highly recomended to wake up early, at sunrise, not to miss the sight!
Day 5 will take you to the Salt Lake (Tuz Gölü) which is another unique experience you should not miss, while making our way to Kütahya.
On our sixth and final day we will be heading back to İzmir, passing through fertile lands of the region, where you can smell the scent of the Aegean Sea bit by bit increasing with every mile.
Just to give you the heads up, every days ride will approximately be between 300 to 400 kilometres, on and offroad.
For those who are located in Europe, the best way to reach İzmir, among many other possible ways, is to hop on a ferry from Trieste. Interested? See the link below…