There is a category in TransAnatolia for everyone who has the spirit of racing.

In TransAnatolia there are two main categories for bikes, quads, SSVs, cars, buggies and trucks, one is rally and the other is raid. Rally competitors are given road books at the highest available standards and they race againist time. Raid competitors' challenge is with the navigation, not with time.

Rally competitors receive a time for each respective stage. Summarization of those stage times determines the fastest racer.

Raid competitors receive points for their proximity during the stage. Summarization of those points determines the winner.

In short, rally classification is formed with the sum of stage times and raid classification is calculated with the sum of proximity.

Entrants going to participate in rally category will be asked for driver and competitor licences in addition to their driving licences. All of the rally vehicles should be eligible to pass scrutineering.

Enthusiastic raid competitors will be asked for their driving licences. During the scrutineering raid competitors should prove their crash helmets.

Group B             Bikes
                 Class B1        Up to 450cc
                 Class B2        451cc+
Group C             Cars
                 Class C1        Cars with petrol engine
                 Class C2        Cars with diesel engine
                 Class C3        Cars with alternative energy systems
Group Q             Quads
Group G             Buggies
Group S             SSV’s
Group T             Trucks