Transanatolia 2020 Is Over

On the seventh day of TransAnatolia, the racers took off from Abant passing the 26 km long special stage of Karasu. As the final stage of the race, Karasu was the most difficult stage with its sand surface. Many racers got stuck in the sand and had some difficult times in addition to losing valuable […]

The 6th Day Ended Covering 3 Special Stages and 495 Km In Total

On the sixth day of TransAnatolia, the racers completed the longest route of the race with a total of 495 km in 3 special stages. The rankings were surprising at the end of the special stages of 101 km Mihalıcçık, 40 km Nallıhan and 180 km Kıbrısçık. Covering long and difficult kilometers for six days, […]

5th day due to the intense heat, the racers completed yhe 241 km long two special stages.

5.gün filmi Starting from Karaman on the fifth day of TransAnatolia, the racers are now on the return route following a different path on the same line they followed from Istanbul. The racers passed through the Obruk Plateau and Salt Lake completing two special stages of 241 km. The fifty day was one of the […]

The racers are strong, the route is difficult.

On the fourth day of TransAnatolia, the racers hit the road from Karadağ to complete the 198 km longest special stage of Bolkar. The rocky and harsh surface of the Bolkar Mountains gave the racers some difficult time. The top three in the motorcycle category did not change at the end of the fourth day […]

We left behind 1230 km at the end of the third day in Transanatolia 2020.

  At the end of the third day, the racers completed a total of 1.230 kilometers from the 2.850 kilometers long track of TransAnatolia 2020. Salt Lake, the second most salty lake in the world, was the first stage for the racers during the third day with two special stages starting at Haymana. The racers […]

The Abant – Haymana stage is over!

  The excitement of TransAnatolia 2020 is continuing at full speed. The 2nd day of the race was also the center stage for difficult stages and fierce competition. The first stage of the day started at Bolu Abant. During the 1st special stage, the racers completed a difficult forest track with narrow passageways and sporadic […]

Transanatolia 2020 kicked off with a spectacular ceremonial start that took place at the Dolmabahçe!

Despite all difficulties, TransAnatolia 2020 kicked off as the first rally raid race of the year. TransAnatolia Rally Raid will take place during August 15-22, 2020 with the participation of important names from the automotive and motor sports world in France, Italy, Belgium and Azerbaijan as well as Turkey. This year, 25 motorcycles, 37 automobiles, […]