Covid-19 Measures


This briefing includes the measures to be taken within the scope of Covid-19 precautions set forth by T.R. Ministry of Health, T.R. Ministry of Internal Affairs, T.R: Ministry of Youth and Sports and those that the contestants will be asked to comply with during the Rally Raid planned to be organized on Agust 20-27, 2022.

Organization Team

  1. Transanatolia will make the necessary arrangements prior to the start of the competition for having the Covid-19 tests made for all staff members in the organization.
  2. The body temperatures of all staff members will be systematically measured twice during the day.
  3. Health survey questionnaire sent to the contestants will also be filled out by the organization team.
  4. All organization vehicles and equipment will be disinfected before the competition.
  5. There will be teams at the camps and hotels for applying and controlling the Covid-19 measures.


Registration Procedures

  1. All participants (pilot, co-pilot, mechanic, guest etc.) are obliged to fill out in full the online health form sent to them 15 days before the competition submit it to the organization with their signature. The organization reserves its rights to cancel the registrations of the participants who have not submitted their forms.
  2. All participants should send the documents required for administrative control to the authorized department via e-mail.
  3. All participants are advised to have a Covid-19 test made 48 hours before the start date and submit the official results to the organization.

Administrative and Technical Controls

  1. Administrative and technical controls will be increased to 2 days and the participants will be accepted on the basis of appointments. The appointment agenda will be posted on the website and also will be mailed to the participants.
  2. Disinfection of the administrative control and technical control areas will be made by the organization.
  3. The organization will provide antiseptic products, masks and gloves to all participants.
  4. Utmost care will be given to ensure that the technical controls are made in compliance with the social distancing rules and without any contact.


Service and Camp Areas

  1. People without the organization wristband will not be allowed to enter the service and camp areas. Hence, it is obligatory to use the wristbands provided during the administrative control until the end of the competition.
  2. Viewers and guests will not be allowed to enter the service areas.
  3. Body heat measurement and if necessary clinical examinations will be made for individuals who need to enter the camp from outside.
  4. The teams are obliged to take their own precautions at the service area and also to sustain the conditions of hygiene.
  5. Setup distances between the teams at the service area will be kept at a maximum level. The teams will not extend out further than the areas indicated by the service area responsible.
  6. Covid-19 test facilities will be provided at the accommodation areas when necessary.
  7. Toilets and common spaces at the camps will be disinfected at the required intervals.
  8. Waste storage areas will be disinfected.
  9. The organization team is responsible from providing the required waste storage area necessary to empty the trash cans used for single use material.
  10. Services teams are obliged to throw away the single use hygiene material (masks, gloves, napkin etc.) to the classified trash cans at the service areas.

Kitchen and Food Area

  1. Kitchen and service areas will be disinfected at suitable intervals.
  2. Foods will be served in closed packages if necessary.
  3. Disposable kitchenware will be provided if necessary.
  4. The personal protection and hygiene materials will be provided in full for all staff members of the organization responsible from the kitchen and food services and they will be controlled regularly.

Briefing Area

  1. Briefings will be planned in open areas and in compliance with social distancing rules.
  2. In case it is not possible to make the briefings in open areas, they will be held in closed areas. The seating arrangement will be made in accordance with the rules of social distancing for briefings held in open areas.
  3. The attendants will disinfect the hall beforehand in case the briefings are held in closed areas.
  4. It will be obligatory to wear masks throughout the briefing.

Supervisor Areas

  1. Hygiene and social distancing rules will be in place at the supervisor and control areas.
  2. Competitors who arrive at the time check areas should wait in their vehicles in compliance with the rules of social distancing.
  3. Competitors can get out of their vehicles but they should keep the social distance between them and should not gather in crowded groups.
  4. The required antiseptic and personal protection products will be available at the supervisor desks.

Hotel Accommodations

  1. Disinfection control will be made at the hotels one day before accommodation.

Covid-19 Symptoms and Process

  1. In case there are any Covid-19 symptoms or suspicions, the participants should immediately inform the organization health director and the competitor communications team.
  2. People who suspect they are infected should immediately put on masks and gloves and isolate themselves in accordance with the rules of social distancing.
  3. The required tests will be performed on the individuals who suspect they are infected either at the camp area or the nearest hospital and the situation will be managed in accordance with the directives of the health team based on the test results.

Ceremonial Start

It will be managed in coordination with the Istanbul Governorship and Provincial Directorate of Health.

Finish and Award Ceremony

  1. The finish and award ceremony will be held in an open area.
  2. Social distancing rules will be in effect at the finish and award ceremony areas and the disinfection of these areas will be performed by the organization team.
  3. Stands will be set up at the finish and award ceremony areas with the required antiseptic and personal protection materials.

Personal Data

The forms and data of the participants will not be shared by any third party in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data.