TRANSANATOLIA - RIDE WITH US - 13-21 Ağustos 2021


The race will start in Eskişehir ending in Kars.

The 2021 calendar is set for TransAnatolia Rally Raid Turkey’s first and only, one of world’s largest and most difficult races.

TransAnatolia Rally Raid will take place during August 13-21, 2021 traversing difficult routes along the unique geography of Turkey starting from Eskişehir and ending at Kars. Spectacular memories await the racers on the ancient lands of Anatolia during this race which takes the racers every year on a journey in Turkey packed with nature, culture and history. Adventure aficionados will kick up clouds of dust in 2021 as well.

The competitors are provided with road books prepared by one of the worlds most professional teams with special focus on safety. There are two categories as rally and raid in the race for Motorcycles, 4x4 Cars, Atv’s, Ssv’s and Trucks. Racers compete against time in the rally while they compete with navigation in the raid category.

With special emphasis on cultural richness and hospitality, TransAnatolia hosts its guests from all four corners of the world with tastes of Anatolian cuisine, abundant tables and the smiling faces of its people.

During the past 10 years, a total of 786 competitors from 12 countries took part in TransAnatolia.
As the first international motorsports race that took place under pandemic conditions in 2020, TransAnatolia will be organized with strict Covid-19 measures in 2021 as well.

TRANSANATOLIA - RIDE WITH US - 13-21 Ağustos 2021
TRANSANATOLIA - RIDE WITH US - 13-21 Ağustos 2021