Inviting the racers to a trip packed with nature, culture and history with its #ridewith motto, Transanatolia has celebrated its 10th anniversary this year.

Racing on the archaic lands of Anatolia adorned with history, culture and nature, adventure aficionados witnessed unforgettable moments this year as well.

Starting from Istanbul, the millennial witness of history and culture, the racers came across many unforgettable surprises along the Transanatolia 2020 route in addition to breathtaking routes.


Racing at full speed along the dusty pages of Anatolian history that has embraced civilizations for hundreds of years, adventure lovers kicked up clouds of dust this year as well.

The racers were awed by Sultanhan Caravanserai, one of the most important works of Seljuk decorative art, the legendary city of Gordion, home to King Midas and Manazan Caves, a five storey settlement carved into a giant stone mass dating back 14 centuries along the Transanatolia 2020.



As is the case every year, Transanatolia gave priority to cultural richness and hospitality hosting its visitors from all around the world with the multitude of dishes from Anatolian cuisine, the abundance of foods, peacefulness of its nature and the smiling faces of its people.


The nature of Abant where we can relax amidst the thousands of different tones of green was included in the route of Transanatolia 2020 in addition to the Meke Crater Lake, one of the only two similar geological formations in the world, Salt Lak, the second most salty lake in the world and Bolkar Mountains taking the excitement to a next level at an elevation of 3500.




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