ransanatolia that invites the racers on a trip filled with nature, culture and history with the #ridewith motto is celebrating its 10th year. 10th year special changes and surprises await the racers.

In 2019, Transanatolia took the afficonados of adventure on a trip from nature-packed Abant to Göbeklitepe, the starting point of history and this year it returns with a breathtaking route. Starting from Istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities in the world going all the way to Şile, a wonder of nature!

Transanatolia 2020 is packed with ambition, adventure and excitement without the “giving up”!


Transanatolia: the adventure of the ones getting on the road to win in Anatolia, the land known with its amazing history.

This year, Transanatolia, an organization where the unique nature, deep-rooted history and attractive culture of Anatolia has been the companion of a competitive racing since 2010, will be held between August 15-22.


The land of Anatolia offers the spirit of music, taste of the cuisine, smile of the people and even more.

The heritage of Anatolia is on display with Transanatolia…


From North to South, East to West Anatolia has much to offer with densely forested trailsand flats of a salt lake, from mountain peaks to unique rock formations along the route…

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