2020 edition of Transanatolia will take place between August 15-22.


Entrants going to participate in rally category will be asked for driver and competitor licences in addition to their driving licences. All of the rally vehicles should be eligible to pass scrutineering.

Enthusiastic raid competitors will be asked for their driving licences.

Please refer to the regulations for further information.


Transanatolia roadbook is prepared by a work renowned team in the highest standards.

Both rally and raid competitors follow the road book.


With the daily briefings competitors are informed about the upcoming stages. Briefings has a set time and available in various languages.


Transanatolia bivouacs are one the most important component of the whole organisation.

Check accommodation and food&beverage sections for detailed information.

Safety and Security

Transanatolia partnering with the highest governmental authorities in order to provide a safe and secure racing atmosphere. Whole racecourse is examined with the relevant authorities during the coordination meetings for any case.

Both active and passive security measures are taken at the highest quality of all available standards.


Anube Stella III satellite trackers are used with the support from the manufacturer.


A medical team and a rescue team assists the competitors in case of an unlikely event.

Ministry of Health’s National Medial Rescue Team follows the event with their fully equipped 4×4 ambulances and doctors on bikes in addition to the air support.

Members of the rescue team takes their positions throughout the course in critical locations ready to intervene. They also help to sweep the stages.


Depending on the elevation the temperature and humidity varies. 15-45°C would be experienced along the race course.

Currency, Exchange and Payments

The Turkish Lira is the currency of Turkey. The currency code for Lira is TRY, and the currency symbol is ₺. Exchange offices are available in airports and around cities in addition to ATM machines. Moreover major credit cards are widely accepted.


There are 3 major GSM operators serving in Turkey.

Turkcell  –
Vodafone –
Türk Telekom –

Driving in Turkey

Most traffic signs in Turkey are in international standards. By observing traffic regulations and speed limits, you can avoid danger. It is obligatory for the drivers and all passengers in the car to use seat belts in the front seats (important for raid competitors). Speed limits varies depending on the road and they’re indicated with signs.

Rentals and Servicing

Racing bikes and cars are available for hire in addition to (moto) caravans. Tire supply or mechanical assistance can be supplied on demand by our partners. Inquiries should be addressed to the organisation team.

Visa Requirements

Further information can be obtained from


In TransAnatolia there are two main categories for bikes, ATVs, SSVs, cars, buggies and trucks, one is rally and the other is raid. Rally competitors are given road books at the highest available standards and they race againist time. Raid competitors’ challenge is with the navigation, not with time and they usually make less stages than rally competitors.

Rally competitors receive a time for each respective stage. Summarization of those stage times determines the fastest racer.

Raid competitors receive points for their proximity during the stage. Summarization of those points determines the winner.


B1 – Bike up to 450cc
B2 – Bike 450cc and above (with two cylinder engine)
B3 – Bike Double Cylinder

T3.1 T3P
T3.2 T3S
S1 – SSV up to 1050cc
S2 – SSV 1050cc and above

Q1 – 4×2 – ATV
Q2 – 4×4 – ATV

T1.1 – 4×4 – Car petrol
T1.2 – 4×4 – Car diesel
T1.3 – 4×2 – Car petrol
T1.4 – 4×2 – Car diesel
T2.1 – Production car petrol
T2.2 – Production car diesel

TH1.1 – Local ASN homologated, with a nominal cylinder capacity of less than 2.800 cc petrol
TH1.2 – Local ASN homologated, with a nominal cylinder capacity of less than 3.500 cc diesel
TH2.1 – Local ASN homologated, with a nominal cylinder capacity of 2.801 cc or above petrol
TH2.2 – Local ASN homologated, with a nominal cylinder capacity of 3.501 cc or above diesel

T4 – Truck

For more information please refer to the regulation.

Transanatolia 2020 will kick off from Istanbul, the heart of history, in its 10th year as it is preparing to provide an unforgettable route to the participants. From Abant privileged by nature to Haymana, a source of inspiration with its healing waters all the way to Karadağ with its breathtaking panoramic scenery to end at Şile that stands out with its magnificent beaches, get ready for a trip packed with nature, history and culture during Transanatolia 2020.




FEB 1 / APR 1 APR 2 / JUN 1 JUN 2 / JUL 20
MOTO / QUAD RALLY 2.500,00 € 2.700,00 € 2.900,00 €
MOTO / QUAD RAID 2.300,00 € 2.500,00 € 2.700,00 €
CAR / SSV RALLY 3.550,00 € 3.750,00 € 3.950,00 €
CAR / SSV RAID 3.300,00 € 3.500,00 € 3.700,00 €
TRUCK RALLY 3.700,00 € 4.000,00 € 4.300,00 €
SERVICE VEHICLE (INC. DRIVER) 1.200,00 € 1.200,00 € 1.200,00 €
MECHANIC 850,00 € 850,00 € 850,00 €
GUEST 850,00 € 900,00 € 1000,00 €
SATELLITE TRACKING SYSTEM 200,00 € 200,00 € 200,00 €
The Price includes :

  • 4 nights hotel accomodation (breakfast + dinner) configuration two people per room
  • 4 nights bivouac accomodation (breakfast + dinner + shower + wc) by own tent&caravan
  • 7 days road book + gps waypoints
  • Traffic insurance for the third persons
  • Rescue intervention by urgent cases
  • Transport of damaged vehicle to next bivouac by rescue team
  • Medical service
  • Drink water supply for each team

The price does not include:

  • Transport from your home to the Start in Istanbul
  • Transport from Finish Şile to your home
  • Personal health insurance
  • Fuel
  • Mechanical personal service
  • Hotel accomodation single supplement
  • Hotel early/late check in/out
  • Airport transfers
  • Satellite system rental
  • Satellite tracker bracket
  • Everything that is not written in “included”
  • For all “not included” items you can contact us for alternatives

Turkey is in the cross roads of Europe, Asia and Africa with endless options for transportation.

For our competitors we suggest;

  • on arrival reaching one of the airports in Istanbul (IST or SAW),
  • on return taking a connecting flight from Şanlıurfa (GNY) to Istanbul (IST or SAW).

On request we can offer airport transfers in both directions.

Please check logistics section to see detailed information about transferring your vehicle.

For the transport of the vehicles land, sea or air transportation options can be used.

From Land

Turkey can be reached from its neighbours.

From Sea

There are ro-ro ferries operating between Trieste-Istanbul (arrival) and Mersin-Trieste (return).

From Air

Major airports should be chosen to ease the procedures.

On request Transanatolia supplies an official document for the customs clearance procedures.

Registration fee covers the accommodation between August 15-22. Competitors are offered 4 nights in 4*/5* hotels and 4 nights in the bivouac.

In hotels half board accommodation with breakfast and dinner is provided. On bivouac we have an excellent catering facility which offers a great variety of foods. For bivouac nights you will need a tent and sleeping bag if you don’t have a caravan. In each bivouac we provide electricity, hot showers and toilets.

If you consider to arrive early or leave late you need to cover the extra nights. On request necessary arrangements can be made.

Breakfast and dinner with soft drinks are provided. On bivouac in addition to breakfast and dinner snacks are available after the last stage of the day.

Competitors are offered water at TCs.




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