About Us

Having celebrated in 2020 the 10th edition, TransAnatolia 2024 is flashing with its fantastic new route!

Over its relatively short time, TransAnatolia has become one of the leading rally raid event in the world. It all started with an inspiring idea to test yourself as a driver, as a rider, as a person. Now you can see the result in the form of global, international events, which is impossible to forget, visiting at least once.

First attempt at organizing such passage occurred in 2010 and was very successful. The following events have become even more prosperous. Antalya, the most popular Turkish holiday resort, was selected as the start and finish destination. The second organization has completely exceeded the first one and attracted much more rally enthusiasts from all over the world. In 2011 TransAnatolia presented to the participants a wider range of possibilities and re-discovered splendid delights of Turkiye.

2012 unveiled the brand new concept. Stages were master-classes and helped participants to get into the rhythm more quickly and discover a lot of details from the experience of previous editions.

The fourth event was a significant and very high quality one for all the similarities in racecourse with the previous organisations.

In 2014, celebrating five year anniversary, TransAnatolia offered new additions to the already existing stages. New levels and complexity of advanced racecourse made the race not only a unique form of entertainment, but also a great test of team and individual qualities of the competitors. This time start and finish of the rally was in Ankara, the capital city made it even more popular and recognizable.

TransAnatolia provides participants with a variety of interesting, unforgettable meetings and acquaintances, but most importantly – a better understanding of Turkish peoples’ lifestyle and Turkiye in general.

Racers of higher level, will have the opportunity to train for long marathons, for best practice. Amateurs may enhance their skills in challenging stages. In addition, the most extreme motorsport enthusiasts may prefer hospitality packs, for most exciting routes.

The main purpose of TransAnatolia is the provision of unique stages with the essential level of organization and security. TransAnatolia team improve organization quality to secure complete comfort to each participant, searching an individual approach for every kind of needs. With every successive event, the event rise to higher levels, what is really transform this type of activity into a certain culture.

Today TransAnatolia offers a road book at the highest standard which is being used by all well known rally raid events all around the world. Furthermore, a satellite tracking system is in service, for monitoring the racing process. Together with satellite tracking various active and passive security measures are also taken at the highest quality of all available standards.

We invite you to become a witness and participant of this fascinating event. This is a great chance to get many amazing moments along with an invaluable experience. Let us demonstrate what we can do for you to see what you are able in the best moments of your life. Welcome to TransAnatolia!


Burak Büyükpınar Burak Büyükpınar General
Orhan Çelen Orhan Çelen Sportif
Gökhan Başiplikçi Gökhan Başiplikçi Communication
Murat Dürüstkan Murat Dürüstkan Sportif
Zati Vatansever Zati Vatansever Assistant to Sportif Director
Erol Karaöz Erol Karaöz Safety & Rescue
Levent Gül Levent Gül Logistics
Timur Feyizoğlu Timur Feyizoğlu Road Book
M Şafak Doğan M Şafak Doğan Responsible
for Tracking
Tolga Kiraz Tolga Kiraz S/F Ceremonies
Canan Şentepe Canan Şentepe Administrative Affairs Executive
Gizem Akman Gizem Akman Assistant to Administrative
Affairs Executive
Sezer Saykal Sezer Saykal Medical
Ramazan Sabırlı Ramazan Sabırlı Medical
Paolo Albertini Paolo Albertini Road Book Controller,
Stage Opener
Jordi Arcarons Jordi Arcarons Responsible
For Road Book
Hakan İsen Hakan İsen Responsible For Raid
Elif Tanca Elif Tanca Competitor Relations
Yiğit Top Yiğit Top French Competitors Relations