5th day due to the intense heat, the racers completed yhe 241 km long two special stages.

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Starting from Karaman on the fifth day of TransAnatolia, the racers are now on the return route following a different path on the same line they followed from Istanbul. The racers passed through the Obruk Plateau and Salt Lake completing two special stages of 241 km. The fifty day was one of the hottest days of the race and the racers had quite a difficult time due to the intensive heat. Completing 2.050 km of the 2.850 km long stage, the racers will arrive at the finish line in Şile on August 22.

The fifth day did not see a change in the first three racers of the motorcycle category. Holding onto first place in the general classification, Xavier de Soultrait retained his spot with a total time of 14 hours 57 minutes 59 seconds. Adrien Van Beveren took second place with 15 hours 14 minutes 47 seconds, while Jacopo Cerutti in the third place speeded up even further increasing the gap with Allessandro Botturi to 5 minutes which was down to 56 seconds the day before. Ejder Erişti had the best time among Turkish pilots.

İsrafil Akyüz came first in both stages in the Quad category retaining his first place ranking with a total time of 26 hours 54 minutes 56 seconds. Erkan Uzlaş came second, while Yusuf Sayar finished the race in third place.

Çağdaş Çağlar & Ertuğrul Danişment held on to their leadership in the SSV category with a total time of 23 hours 41 minutes 35 seconds. Finishing the 170 km long Salt Lake stage in first place, the team of Zafer Durmaz & Onur Altan Tan climbed one step up taking second place in the general classification with a time of 28 hours 12 minutes 18 seconds.

The automobile category was full of surprises on the fifth day. The team of Serhat Saygılı & Suat Çelik had failed to reach their desired performance since the start of the race but made a significant attack on this day coming in first at the end of the day with a total time of 21 hours 58 minutes 53 seconds. The team of Tolga Yılmaz & Ebru Demirbay Erişti preserved their spot in second place, while Bekir Kuvvet Erim & Kaan Karaöz climbed up to third place in the general classification following an attack on the fifth day after the misfortunes of previous days. Leading the race until now, the team of Ahmet Bağce & Mert Tepe tried to hold on to their first place ranking but failed to complete the Salt Lake stage due to a problem they encountered.

The fifth day of TransAnatolia ended at Haymana. The racers will be taking on the longest stage of the race with 495 km as they move on to Abant on the 6th day.